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Bouncing Back

29/10/2020 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Virtual Event


  • APC - Philippa will discuss the potential of the passenger Electric Vehicles industry, which provides up to £24bn to the UK economy over the next five years. Philippa will highlight the role of the APC to unlock the potential of EV manufacturing in the UK, and how to capitalise on the EV vehicle uptake
  • Sunderland Council - Liz St Louis – Sunderland Council got voted smart city of the year and Liz will focus on why they won. She will discuss some of the projects. Ie Nissan are doing a connected autonomous vehicle test bed. They also have a bunch of shovel ready projetcs across the city, including 5G roll out to all public Wi-Fi spaces – schools, hospitals, buildings etc
  • Nokia – Mike Barlow will demonstrate how they want to use the city as a platform and roll fibre out across the city, enhance the connectivity and improve the way public services are delivered for the citizens

Covid-19 has posed real challenges for cities, with higher population density making social distancing measures difficult and with public transport being swapped for vehicles as the primary use. We will focus on what new strategies are required to aid a strong recovery.