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Building smart, green hydrogen infrastructure for heavy transport

28/10/2021 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow

Synopsis: zero emission hydrogen is increasingly seen as central to accelerating the transition to net zero. In particular, in transitioning vehicles that are harder to decarbonise such as heavy or high‑payload vehicles.

Due to comparable refuelling times to diesel vehicles, and minimal changes to operational behaviour, many commercial organisations are now looking at adding hydrogen vehicles to their fleet. But all need high quality infrastructure in place to confidently invest in fuel cell vehicles.

In this event, we present a vision of how a network of green hydrogen infrastructure can be designed and developed around the needs of the consumer taking full advantage of technology to drive down prices.

At the heart of this approach are two things: building reliable systems and using connected technologies to optimise supply and demand. If we get that right, the end user gets value for money, security of supply and convenience. Governments, local authorities and investors have an opportunity now to design this in at the earliest stages of network development and create assets that will stand the test of time.

We set out how hydrogen developers, energy companies and governments can collaborate to ensure network development is optimised for the consumer.

H2 Green (part of the Getech group) are a data-driven hydrogen network developer. Using their geospatial expertise, they are planning a network of green hydrogen infrastructure across the UK and beyond. They are committed to driving adoption of hydrogen vehicle technology by delivering a resilient, reliable and scalable hydrogen supply network.


In Partnership with H2 Green