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Net Zero Heat in an integrated Urban Energy System

Net Zero Heat in an integrated Urban Energy System

27/10/2021 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow

A general discussion addressing Net Zero Heat in an integrated Urban Energy System with 8 key stakeholders.

What is the integrated energy system required for Green Street? Discussing an optimum solution, enablers and barriers.

The decarbonisation of heat requires some key early infrastructure decisions. Finding the best route to Net Zero, offering a whole system value for money solution – lowest cost, and lowest carbon – will require systemic change across infrastructure, supply chain and consumer. What might be “best” for one stakeholder – i.e. lowest appliance cost, might be a disaster for another stakeholder – say, peak grid capacity. How can we ensure that a consumer led solution is achieved, with optimum outcomes for all stakeholders?

Items to address:

The electrification of Heat through the use of networked Heat Pumps has been shown to have significant impact on reducing Fuel Poverty and can save the NHS percentage points of budget – (as well as saving on power station and network infrastructure costs.) How can we ensure that COP26 enables joined up, interdepartmental Government thinking, to achieve the best, true, value for the vulnerable and the British Tax payer on the journey to Net Zero?