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Virtual Smart Tour - Sunderland

Virtual Smart Tour – Sunderland

22/09/2021 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Virtual Event

Our first virtual smart tour takes us to Sunderland, discussing why they are 2020 Smart city of the Year. These four sessions involve

Session 1 – Sunderland Our Smart City
Sunderland has a bold and ambitious Smart City Vision of a well-connected, digitally enabled place with world-class infrastructure supporting inclusive services for the prosperity of the city and those who live work and visit.

In the first of our four sessions, we will tell the story of Sunderland, Our Smart City from inception in April 2019 and how our delivery plans have unfolded with our successes and lessons learned along the way.

Patrick Melia (CEO) Sunderland City Council
Liz St Louis (Assistant Director of Smart Cities) Sunderland City Council
Sarah Robb (Head of Regional Centres) Digital Catapult
David Dunn (Chief Executive) Sunderland Software City

Session 2 – 5G Connected Automated Logistics
In our second session hear from key partners about how a successful £4.8 million 5G CAL (Connected and Automated Logistics) award from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Support is supporting a huge stride forward in the north east, with a focus on establishing a unique centre of excellence and operational test facility to deliver the first autonomous HGV, powered by 5G

Paul Butler, (CEO) – North East Automotive Alliance – 5G CAL Project Lead
Barney Smith, (Chief Executive) – Perform Green and 5G CAL Connectivity Assurance Lead

Session 3 – Intelligent Transport Systems
Sunderland has an ambitious Smart City vision. A modern, accessible transport system is a key component of this vision and realising the full potential of technology has an important role to play in its delivery.

In this session we will discuss how Sunderland uses Traffic Management technology at a regional, and a more local level to provide a more reliable network with improved flows and more efficient use of capacity. We will also explore our use of the data these systems provide to more effectively understand the impact of interventions and improve the transport offer across the City.

Mark Jackson (Assistant Director of Infrastructure, Planning and Transportation )
Mark Wilson (Future Infrastructure Manager) – Sunderland City Council
Mac Needham – Business Development Manager – Vivacity Labs
Gary MacDonald – Regional Director (Transport Planning) – Aecom
Ray King – Manager – Tyne and Wear Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC) Centre

Session 4 – Digitally Enabled Care
In our final session hear from Leaders, Practitioners and Family Members as they tell their story of how Sunderland’s smart ambitions are driving our city forward to remain at the forefront of research and development around assistive technology and telecare solutions.
Emma Anderson (Service Manager) Sunderland City Council
Nicola Diamantis
Angela Porritt
Linsey Proud
Paul Rain

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