£250 Million Site To Enhance Connectivity In Stockport
The latest development opportunity within Stockport’s major £1 billion transformation has been revealed by the Stockport Mayoral Development Corporation (MDC). Housing Industry Leaders looks at the £250 million site and investigates how it will enhance connectivity in the town centre.

Creating a new digitally capable, walkable neighbourhood that will compromise over 1,000 new homes is the aim, with early-stage plans including retail, leisure, and office spaces.

Location Is Key To Establishing A New Cultural Destination

In terms of the location, the site is adjacent to the town’s viaduct and the Stockport Interchange, which is a major new redevelopment in partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester and will see the creation of a new urban park alongside enhanced connectivity.

In addition to this, the site is located near Weir Mill, a heritage landmark building which is to be restored in partnership with Captial&Centric, to create new commercial space and establish a new leisure and cultural destination for Stockport.

The Site Could Be A Leading Regeneration Project

Established by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham and chaired by Lord Bob Kerslake, the former Head of Civil Service and the first Chief Executive of the Homes and Communities Agency, Stockport MDC is the delivery vehicle for GMCA and Stockport Council’s regeneration plans across the district called Town Centre West.

Plans will see the delivery of up to 4,000 new homes, new employment space, major public transport improvements, new green space, local amenities, and attractions over the next 15 years.

Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, said: “This new site offers an exceptional opportunity to be part of one of the leading regeneration projects right now, not only in Greater Manchester but across the UK.

“Stockport is already one of our best-connected business locations, with fast transport links to Manchester, Birmingham and London, and the transformative plans being delivered by the MDC and its experienced partners will secure its future as one of the best town centres in the country to live. The MDC is a powerful tool to bring about rapid change and is set to add £117 million to the local economy every year.

I’ve no doubt that Stockport will be recognised for generations to come as a benchmark for what can be achieved through place-focused, locally-led regeneration.

It Is Essential To Scale Up Community Engagement Work

As a minimum, the Stockport MDC states in the Strategic Business Plan 2021-2026 that it will aim to complete at least 250 homes per year until 2026, this includes housing of all types and for all income groups.

In addition to this improvement, MDC hopes to support wider planning for future health and education facilities in the town by producing a credible and deliverable plan for the social infrastructure investment requirement in Town Centre West.

Through its communications partners, the MDC will raise its profile as an exemplar regeneration delivery vehicle and scale up its community engagement work. Also, the MDC will bring forward the project inventions that enable it to deliver significant carbon reductions, ensuring that Town Centre West is an exemplar green urban neighbourhood.

Redevelopment of Stockport Station and the surrounding area will maximise the economic significance of Stockport Rail Station and its role in the Greater Manchester and Northwest transport network.

Those living, working and visiting Stockport will benefit from this £250 million site and the establishment of a new leisure and cultural destination for the town.