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Digitalisation of Public Sector Process key for Wider Decarbonisation

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Focusing on public sector decarbonisation, the GMCA has recently outlined plans to improve technology infrastructure and cut carbon emissions. 

To do this, the combined authority is adopting new standards for information governance for data sharing across the public sector, including the housing sector. 

This will build the digital blueprints and create the data skills required to meet the ‘blueprint for the city’ initiative between 2023-26. 

One portion focuses on developing accountable, data-oriented public services, aiming to connect progressive business, academic, and public sector ideas with the requirements of the community, alongside the declaration of several general objectives.

Among these objectives is the endeavour to align the technology infrastructure with the GMCA’s net zero aspirations, with currently undisclosed actions to mitigate carbon emissions.

Existing projects in place to demonstrate feasibility 

Other features cover: responsible data sharing; using data effectively to support decision making; engaging with digital, data and technology best practice to encourage innovation; developing the relevant skills of public sector workers; and ensuring digital services are co-designed with residents, are inclusive and meet community and environmental needs.

Another mission focuses on establishing interconnected, inclusive, and sustainable communities, with strategies encompassing: leveraging data and analytics to facilitate decarbonization; enhancing urban mobility through technology and data-driven approaches; and optimizing the utilization of the Local Full Fibre Network across the public sector to maximize its value.

Building on the platform is the next phase

Cllr Eamonn O’Brien, GMCA lead for education, skills, work, apprenticeships and digital, said: “We continue to grow as a world leading digital city region and remain committed to being open, innovative and connected, empowering our people and communities to thrive. We’re building responsible, data driven public services and creating connected, inclusive and sustainable places.

“Together, we want to better the lives our people and for everyone to feel empowered by the opportunities being a world leading digital city region can bring. By putting people, the environment and places at the heart of our plans, we are taking an inclusive and sustainable approach to being an international digital powerhouse.”