New Eco-friendly Homes to Save Newcastle Homeowners on Energy Bills
Homes are being built in the North East of the UK with the aim to save homeowners a fortune on their energy bills. Quadrant Smart looks at homes and explores how they can help buyers manage their energy consumption.

Four of the green dwellings are being built in Newcastle as part of a pilot project by builders, with two of the homes already sold. The new eco-friendly homes boast solar panels, extra insulation, heat pumps, triple glazing, and underfloor heating.

Increasing Innovation Will Help Create Future-Proofed Homes

Leanne Fletcher, Head of Sustainability at Bellway explained that the company is focusing on using technology to build future-proof and sustainable homes: “Bellway is determined to harness the latest technological advancements to build enduring homes that will stand the test of time and provide sustainable housing for our customers.

“We are also keen to use this opportunity to help stimulate the property and construction industries, increasing innovation and growing the demand and manufacturing capabilities for green technologies.

“The launch of these Future Homes at Church View comes almost three years before the introduction of the Government’s Future Homes Standard, demonstrating that Bellway is at the forefront of the industry’s attempts to minimise its impact on the planet.”

The technological solutions these homes provide will enable buyers to monitor and manage their energy consumption, which we predict will help to reduce the impact of rising fuel prices while reducing the size of their own carbon footprints.

Owners Will See The Impact Of The Homes On Their Energy Bills

New owners will be asked to monitor their energy bills to see the impact of the properties’ green credentials on spiralling utility costs.

Each of the homes comes with solar panels, installed in the roof’s structure to improve their appearance, extra thick insulation, triple glazing in every window, heat pumps instead of gas boilers, low-energy underfloor heating, and energy-efficient appliances with water-saving plumbing systems.

In addition to this, the homes have a Predicted Energy Assessment of 98 to 100 A, which is the highest possible score for energy efficiency and environmental impact.