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Solar Panel Discounts Offered by Costwold Council

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c. Cotswold District Council
Cotswolds residents have been offered a discount on their solar panel installations, thanks to a partnership between Cotswold District Council and  MakeMyHouseGreen.


MakeMyHouseGreen, a provider that offers support to its customers through the specification, purchase, and operation of not only solar photovoltaic panels, but also home storage batteries and electric vehicle chargers, have joined the council through their new Cotswold Home Solar project.

Through the project, any Cotswold District resident who goes through the provider in installing their domestic solar panels will be eligible for a council-arranged discount of £250.

By using data specific to their homes, MakeMyHouseGreen allows its customers to research the associated costs when it comes to installing solar panels.

This data also enables users to access key documents, and monitor how much energy they are saving.

The council hopes that through this partnership, more households will be incentivised and encouraged to explore solar energy as an option for their homes.

The scheme could also open the door for more Cotswold District residents to consider other sources of low-carbon, renewable energy for their homes.

Cotswold Home Solar will make it easier for residents to install solar panels

Through the scheme, the council will help its residents access information and advice regarding solar panels and electricity storage batteries.

While acknowledging the financial commitment the switch takes, the council also highlighted the climate emergency and expressed a desire to see more households in the district using solar panels to fuel their homes.

Councillor Mike McKeown, cabinet member for Climate Change and Sustainability at Cotswold District Council, explained: “Purchasing solar panels can be daunting for some.

Cotswold Home Solar will give homeowners who want to invest in rooftop solar panels greater confidence in the credibility and cost-effectiveness of what’s on offer.

“By working with MakeMyHouseGreen we aim to provide residents with a reliable and trustworthy way to explore, specify and buy solar power in a non-pressured way.

“Currently around 5% of Cotswold homes generate electricity through solar panels.

“Demand is growing, and we’d love to see solar make a much bigger contribution to the district’s energy.

“We’re hoping this scheme will help residents take action to contribute to a greener future and save money on their household bills in the long run.”

Founder and CEO of MakeMyHomeGreen, Llewellyn Kinch, echoed these sentiments, adding: “We’re very excited to partner with Cotswold District Council to power the Cotswold Home Solar scheme.

“MakeMyHomeGreen is a specialist solar platform that supports customers through their solar journey, helping them to understand the cost and savings of different options for their home and delivering high-quality installs of solar panels, batteries and EV chargers.

“Together we can build a greener future for the Cotswold community and make solar energy accessible for all.”

Lower income households can also benefit from improved energy efficiency

The council are also striving to offer energy-saving improvements to households of a lower income through their Warm and Well scheme.

The scheme, which has helped hundreds of households save on their energy bills over the past year, offers advice to residents on a range of home energy improvements as well as helping them to access various government grants.

Available to households with an income of below £30,000, Warm and Well offers grants to address heating, insulation, replacement windows and doors, and renewable energy installations such as solar and air source heat pumps.

There is also support available for households experiencing issues related to managing fuel debt and large energy bills, and accessing emergency credit and grant funding for energy efficiency improvements.