Andy Watts, C.Eng. FIAM, AMP

Andy Watts
Director, Asset Wisdom
Andy is a recognised asset management strategy and transformation advisor, specialising in the development of excellence within asset rich, service focused organisations. He is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the IAM and registered Asset Management Professional. Holding roles on ‘both sides of the fence’ for over the past 35 years, including senior management positions in asset owning organisations, and as a consultant and strategic advisor on Asset Management excellence, Andy holds a balanced view between practical reality and blue-sky opportunity. This experience is now shared through his own consulting and advisory organisation, and with the profession globally through working closely with the Institute of Asset Management. Andy’s goal is to open ‘organisational minds’ to the benefits of good asset management, creating a common language and understanding of discipline and enabling new conversations at all levels throughout and across organisations. Andy’s past volunteer support for the IAM has included driving the development of the profession through managing the delivery of globally accepted guidance documents (the IAM’s Subject Specific Guidelines), co-authoring and reviewing standards (PAS55 and ISO55000) and the development of IAM Self-Assessment Methodologies and Competency Framework. Andy lives in the UK with his wife Juls, in a small rural village in the East Riding of Yorkshire and they enjoy spending leisure time outdoors, gardening at home or hiking on the local moorlands and over in the Lake District.