Ian Sanderson
Chief Executive - NexGen Carbon Zero Ltd

My background would be described as a commercially astute leader in fast paced rapidly evolving businesses, driving Private Equity/M&A Strategies, securing funds from PE, financiers, banks, incubating early stage technology companies. More recently with the acquisition of NexGen we were specifically looking for a Green Economy investment in a highly exportable technology.  

Having spent the last 10 years widening my aperture on emerging nanotechnology in Europe/USA, I was so convinced Graphene is capable of revolutionising the shape of future energy delivery and major reductions in CO2 output from all forms, particularly heating buildings, a key challenge in the sustainability cause, given over 40%+ of all CO2 comes from homes and buildings.  

Fusing these technologies into ‘one' is a challenge NexGen has already met; its here today, proven, smart, ready, and accessible now at scale… What is NexGen - it's the Solar Impulse award winning Far Infra Red ‘electric wallpaper’ - that heats your home by combining 50% pure conductive heating on the ceiling, with 50% emittance of Far Infra Red, amazingly in the exact same wavelength as ‘sunlight’ which we use to create radiant heating - we validated it with Swansea Universities ’Specific’ academic team against the BSEN Standard for Radiant Heating in summer 2021, tested it for a full winter 21/22 in Wales against an Air Source Heat Pump, result in six months it used 30% less energy!! So we acquired the company and now with a large social impact investment we are scaling, and rolling out the technology with over 40 Social Housing Groups in Wales, England and Ireland.  

NexGen, as it says on the tin, delivers a next generation 'Net Zero' heating solution for housing and buildings, aiming to be globally influential, an organisation committed to a social and sustainable impact mandate, a green economy investment - we will be capitalising our unique and highly disruptive Far Infra Red graphene electric wallpaper, seamlessly integrated into any buildings type, agnostic to fabric, offering savings to landlords and householders of circa 60%+ in through life costs over air source heat pumps, providing tenants and householders absolute granular control over when and for how long they heat their homes, linking perfectly with PV Solar and Smart Batteries, we will directly attack the appalling levels of fuel poverty in the world today, while also using the technology to mitigate damp and mould. UK designs, proven academically and in field testing, highly scalable, highly exportable, we have no geographical boundaries to our future Net Zero influence.