UK’s First 3D Printed Homes to be Built in Accrington
The first UK housing development using 3D Construction Printing (3DCP) technology will be built in Accrington. Housing Industry Leaders explores how this will help to tackle the housing crisis by creating affordable housing.

Housing homeless veterans and low-income families, the 46 properties can each be ‘printed’ in weeks. The £6 million project in Accrington will be the first 3DCP residential development in the UK and when it is Houscompleted, it will be the largest in Europe.

Creating Quality Housing That Is Accessible To Everyone Is The Aim

Aiming to tackle the housing crisis by creating affordable housing for low-income families, veterans, and people at risk of, or experiencing homelessness, the Charter Street project is being developed by Building for Humanity.

Scott Moon, Founder of Building for Humanity, said: “Our aim is to ensure quality housing is accessible to everyone through our unique affordable housing model.

“The model is simple, to create a charitable housing institute that is driven by human fulfilment and wellbeing rather than profit.

“All surplus profits go to our chosen charity partner, Homes for Humanity, meaning it goes into the community to provide housing, support and training.”

Ultimately this development is about so much more than housing, it is about people and giving them the opportunity to thrive.

Less Wasteful And More Sustainable Homes Will Be Created

In addition to the eco-homes, it is said that there will be apartments and homes, as well as a community centre, training hub and gardens.

Justin Kinsella, CEO of who makes the homes said: “Our core objective is to develop the use of 3DCP to create less wasteful and more sustainable building solutions which harness the benefits of advanced manufacturing technology to provide affordable, higher quality structures, faster and more reliably and in an environmentally beneficial manner.”

3DCP technology has been developed and tested over the past 18 months in preparation for its rollout. Its benefits include reducing labour costs, quicker construction, and a reduction in waste, as well as being an estimated 25 per cent cheaper than comparable construction.

Building for Humanity has been working with Rossendale and Accrington College, who will begin offering a 3DCP Introduction Course in October, which will be the first of its kind in the UK.