Worley: delivering more than consulting, engineering, procurement and construction services

Our 48,000-strong team helps customers across the energy, chemicals and resources sectors solve our planet’s toughest challenges. Together, we tackle climate change, navigate the energy transition and keep pace with digital transformation.

Leading the charge on decarbonization with 2,400+ energy transition projects

We have completed more than 2,400 energy transition projects. From the world’s largest offshore wind farms to hydrogen projects, distributed energy systems, carbon capture, use and storage, and solar installations. A cleaner future depends on our complex heavy industries, which are the biggest users of energy, changing.

We are helping our customers to find ways to make low emissions solutions work technically, commercially and reliably. We are at the forefront of accommodating renewable energy as technologies continue to mature.

Worley Digital, our data science, software, and technology business, helps our customers keep pace with change

Our technology such as artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and robotics help solve industry challenges and break down barriers to progress. It allows our customers to collect the right data, make sure it is trusted and provides them with instant analysis. All this means is that they can make informed decisions or take actions that they could not make before because the information was not there.

Making low carbon possible

As the world shifts to new energy sources, traditional fossil fuels still have a vital role to play. We support our customers with the knowledge and technology solutions to decarbonize their operations and repurpose ageing assets into more sustainable facilities. We tackle our customers’ concerns around water treatment, methane emissions, carbon capture and social license to operate – bringing new thinking and new solutions to support their sustainability goals.

Supporting. Delivering. Evolving

We are seeing a push for sustainability and improved performance as new technologies, further regulations, and renewable feedstocks emerge. And we are helping our customers find their way in this new world.

We have helped design, diversify, and improve some of the world’s most complex refining and chemical assets, from concept development to commercial-scale plant delivery and operations. Alongside our customers, we are navigating the energy transition and introducing a circular economy to make sure their facilities remain reliable and efficient today and tomorrow.

Past success to new horizons

The power market is volatile, but we are here to help our customers to build more sustainable future businesses.

We are partnering with heavy industrial customers to introduce renewables into their energy mix, install distributed energy systems to provide renewable power resilience and take advantage of the hydrogen economy.

We have over 130 years of expertise in power generation and distribution projects, with involvement in over 232,000 megawatts of new-build generating capacity installed worldwide. We use experience, coupled with new technologies to guide our customers to a low-carbon future.

Is hydrogen a piece of your future energy puzzle?

We need out of the box thinking to achieve global energy targets. Our global experts draw on their decades of project experience, knowledge of local legislation and environments and best practices to uncover the best fit solution to our customers’ hydrogen challenges. In fact, we engage experts from all phases of the project (from advisory through to operations and maintenance) and from across the energy value chain (from renewable generation to storage and integration).

The key to successful hydrogen project delivery is having a shared vision. We work in collaboration with our customers to develop their people and transfer our knowledge, to help build the future workforce. We are a reliable partner for your project conception, such as bankability and securing investments, right through to delivery. We have worked on the world’s largest, newest and most exciting hydrogen developments.