Brent to Expand on Tower Block Housing Projects
Brent council is poised to expand its collection of tall building projects as it prepares to green-light three additional towers in the upcoming week. During the council’s forthcoming planning committee meeting, two distinct proposals for mixed-use complexes, ranging from 18 to 23 stories in height, have been recommended for approval.


These two developments, collectively, are expected to yield over 750 residences and 2,300 square meters of office area. The larger of the two projects focuses on student accommodations and is situated on Watkin Road, on the northern periphery of the £3 billion Wembley Park development zone enveloping Wembley Stadium.

Designed by Barton Willmore for the Tribe developer, this endeavor encompasses two parcels flanking Watkin Road and necessitates the demolition of a series of primarily single-story industrial structures.

The northern parcel is earmarked for a 21-story tower accommodating 200 student lodgings, while the adjacent, shorter structure will consist of a staggered building, comprising 18 and six stories respectively, featuring an additional 419 student rooms and 1,500 square meters of commercial area.

23-story tower near Stonebridge Park station set to replace old office block

The second project anticipated for endorsement next week is a 23-story tower near Stonebridge Park station, set to replace a three-story office building called Prospect House. Created by FAL Architecture on behalf of Sonal Worldwide Limited, this development will encompass 139 residential units and 800 square meters of innovative light industrial space.

The project team also includes planning and townscape consultant Savills, landscape architect Arlette Garcia, engineer Campbell Reith, flood consultant WSP, and QS Johnson Associates.

While neither proposal encountered opposition from Historic England or heritage organizations, the Wembley towers elicited objections from 34 local residents due to concerns related to their height, potential obstruction of sunlight, overlooking of neighboring structures, and strain on nearby infrastructure.

New blocks are part of a longer term vision

These three towers represent the latest additions to Brent’s roster of large-scale projects this year, subsequent to the approval of a 26-story residential development and a 26-story hotel in May, as well as a 19-story tower in July.

Other recent endorsements by the council encompass a 20-story residential tower on Edgware Road, which serves as a replacement for one of the final remaining office edifices designed by Walter Segal.