Creating the Blueprint for Zero Carbon Housing
Hoping to find new blueprints for future-proofed zero carbon homes, Taylor Wimpey is building five homes with different energy efficiency measures to find the perfect balance for the rest of the industry to follow.  

Building the homes across Suffolk, vast teams of engineers and experts in the field have been advising what measure to compare and contrast against the portfolio of houses. 

All the properties will undergo electrification completely, featuring triple glazing and improved building materials to ensure they are prepared for zero carbon emissions in accordance with the upcoming Future Homes Standard (FHS), which becomes effective in 2025. According to the FHS, homes must generate 75% to 80% fewer carbon emissions compared to those constructed under the existing Building Regulations.

Taylor Wimpey hope to gain net zero status by 2045

Hoping that this project will improve the rollout of further net zero housing developments, Taylor Wimpey has goals to be net zero by 2045. 

While there are standard measures across all of the housing stock, the differences come in the implementation of Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR), Waste Water Heat Recovery (WWHR), underfloor heating, ‘thermaskirt’ heated skirting boards, infrared radiant heating, sleek photovoltaic solar systems, innovative battery storage as well as air source heat pumps, heat pump cylinders, and electric panel heating. 

Creating new blueprints could revolutionise housebuilding standards

Jennie Daly, Chief Executive of Taylor Wimpey, said: “The launch of our zero carbon ready homes at Sudbury marks an important milestone in helping us identify the best ways to reduce the energy intensity of our homes as well as identifying the challenges that will need to be overcome to do so at scale. This is a critical step in our journey to ensure we deliver on the UK’s net zero ambitions as well as deliver the new homes the country desperately needs.”

We are proud to be collaborating with our supply chain partners through the full lifecycle of this trial development – from concept to customer experience – to create a sustainable blueprint for delivering customer-focused, zero carbon ready homes that are deliverable at scale

Completion of the homes is expected by the end of June with assessment periods coming in the following months. Housing Industry Leaders will keep you up to date with the latest developments from these projects as they come through. 

Further education hubs will come from this to ensure that best practice is shared and blueprints can be embedded into housebuilding activity across the UK.