Wales’ CDPS Signs Partners For Tech Net Zero Project
Wales’ Centre for Digital Public Services (CDPS) has awarded a contract to digital agency Perago and the M-SParc science park to work in partnership to highlight technology’s role in helping Wales reach net zero carbon emissions.

Working in collaboration, the team will form a multidisciplinary network over 12 weeks. The main objectives will be to look at multiple issues, including how the government can use technology to support the better provision of public services while meeting net zero aims and servicing users’ needs.

Additionally, it will consist of a research team highlighting what other nations are doing to achieve net zero targets and what Wales can do to replicate projects in the digital and broader technology sector.

Technology and sustainability are closely linked

While it is essential to use technology to advance net zero targets, it is also important to consider the sustainability of such technology. The CDPS is dedicated to ensuring the sustainability considerations involved in designing and delivering digital services.

Pryderi Ap Rhisiart, managing director of M-SParc, said: “What makes this project with Perago fascinating is the prospect of exploring the roles and opportunities that technology and the wider digital sector have in driving Wales towards our net zero aims.”

3 step plan to achieving net zero by 2030 well underway

Wales has a three-stage plan to reach net zero by 2030. It includes engaging with the climate change debate with the public sector, explaining its case for taking sustainability seriously and considering how it can impact the wider society.

The project will be part of the first stage, investigating how innovation and technology can decrease carbon emissions within the public sector.

Society understands sustainability and climate action are integral to public services. The CDPS will show how it appreciates the value of low carbon products, services, and places. The Welsh Government will embed value over cost.

CDPS said it would use the discovery findings to create standards, policies and guidance for the Welsh public sector on using technology to decrease the environmental impact of services.