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Cloud Platform to Improve Resident Experience in Wales

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A housing provider in North Wales is moving all its services to the cloud via a partnership with a global leader in public sector software. How will this help improve the outcomes for residents?

The 10-year, £800,000 partnership will see North Wales Housing (NWH) implement Civica’s Cx housing, asset management and contractor workforce software.

Founded in 1974, NWH provides housing and services to more than 2,700 households across North Wales and has expertise in homes for older people. It offers housing options for those aged 55+, including its extra care schemes.

It is a regional market leader in vital areas such as Supported Housing, providing housing and services for vulnerable people, including the homeless and people with drug, alcohol, and mental health problems.

Civica has over 30 years of sector experience, with a commitment to putting people first and improving outcomes for communities. With operations in the UK and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, and the USA, Civica is one of the UK’s largest software companies.

The technology will help to improve customer satisfaction

Working with customers, NWH conducted a series of demonstrations with them who were engaged as part of the assessment process and will also input into the design and build of a new portal.

Residents will be able to self-serve at the most convenient time, with more automation allowing employees to spend more time with people in need of further help.

Civica’s Cx Asset Management will work to help the housing provider with asset management, energy management, planned maintenance, asbestos, building safety: servicing and inspections, and risk management.

Jayne Owen, Finance and Resources Director at NWH, explained that using this technology is crucial in improving customer satisfaction: “We were looking for a new housing system which was simple to access and use for our customers and our staff.”

Our aim is to further improve customer and staff satisfaction and we see the Civica platform as paramount to this.

She continued to express that ensuring that the staff is engaged with the technology is needed for its success: “That said, we recognise this is not an ‘IT’ project but more a cultural transformation project for our organisation.

“Staff engagement so far has been fantastic; we believe this is the key to a successful implementation.”

More efficient decision-making can be made through the use of the technology

NWH will benefit from improved business resilience and security in the cloud, with better access to data to make more informed investment and operational decisions.

Michelle Tyler, Divisional Managing Director of Social Housing at Civica, highlighted that the partnership will help to evolve the technology: “Our Cx platform will help improve the quality of data in the system allowing a single view of customers and allowing better and more efficient decision-making.

“We’re very pleased to be supporting NWH in this long-term partnership, using our SaaS cloud technology to share all future benefits as we evolve the platform together.”

The Civica platform will also support the organisation’s aim to build 500 extra homes in the next five years.