Will Making Sustainability Fashionable Change Perceptions?
While the focus on sustainability is predominantly on homes, government policies and transport, how else is sustainability spreading across the world? Housing Industry Leaders looks at recent sustainable events around the world to see how everyone is reducing their carbon footprint.

When it comes to sustainability, you often hear about reducing emissions in travel, retrofitting homes, electrification, decarbonisation and most recently COP26.

Whilst these are the major sectors to focus on net-zero, it is important to remember that achieving the 2050 goal starts with everyone playing their part.

Creative and entertainment industries have a role to play in the net-zero transition, together with influence, inspiration and implementation combined.

The broadcasting of popular artists, actors and athletes displaying actions towards sustainability, the better the influence will be to encourage fans and followers to tackle climate change.

Sustainable events are already happening across the entertainment and sports industries, but greater execution needs to be encouraged to influence this.

So, what sustainable events have been happening? Housing Industry Leaders looks at the sports and live music industries.

#GameZero – the world’s first major net-zero football game

On September 19th, Tottenham Hotspur hosted the world’s first Premier League net-zero football game against Chelsea.

Sky, Tottenham Hotspur, and the UK Government worked together to raise awareness of the climate change threat and inspired football fans to make simple changes that will help reduce their carbon footprint.

Cutting down emissions from all matchday activities, Sky and Tottenham collaborated to ensure players travelled to the match on a bus running on renewable biofuel, limiting the number of cars on the road.

They also ensure all drinking water for the players was in eco-friendly cartons rather than the previous plastic bottles.

As the Premier League’s greenest club, Tottenham Hotspur is passionate about our planet – we look forward to showcasing our wide range of sustainable measures that are already in place and encouraging our fans to take simple actions that can make a huge difference

Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy said: “We are delighted to be the chosen partner of Sky on this ground-breaking initiative that will demonstrate the role our game can play in addressing the urgent issue of climate change.”

Fans were also encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint on the day with a free matchday shuttle bus and a net-zero carbon regional coach service for the public.

All food served inside Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was locally and sustainably sourced, with plenty of recycling bins around the stadium and a reusable beer cup scheme in place too.

Music of Spheres 2022 – Coldplay’s net-zero world tour

Live music typically generates at least 405,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK every year, which is why Coldplay are pledging to become more sustainable.

The British rock band have announced its world tour will have a net-zero carbon footprint, featuring carbon catching technology and bamboo stage equipment.

In partnership with Climeworks, the band have pledged to use various carbon-removal methods to offset the remaining carbon emissions.

According to the tour’s sustainability website, they are aiming to cut emissions by “50% compared to the previous tour (2016-17), and work with partners and suppliers to reduce impacts and emissions wherever possible.”

Using solar panels, sustainable biofuels, and kinetic energy, they will power their stage production with renewable, low emission energy.

We can charge the battery from multiple sources including recycled cooking oil from restaurants, solar energy, grid renewables and even kinetic energy from the fans

Coldplay’s sustainability pledge stages: “In partnership with BMW, we have developed the first-ever mobile, rechargeable show battery – made from recyclable BMW i3 batteries – which will power our show with renewable energy wherever we go.”

We can charge the battery from multiple sources including, recycled cooking oil from restaurants, solar energy, grid renewables and even kinetic energy from the fans.

Getting fans involved to create renewable energy is also important for the band. By installing a kinetic floor in and around the stadium, their movements can be converted into energy and help power the show.

They are also installing electricity-generating power bikes, allowing fans to actively charge the shows battery and contribute to the sustainability of the world tour.

Influencing sustainability for a greener future

These events are just a starting point for the impact that could potentially be. If more sustainability goals and targets are met through the entertainment industry, the greater the influence could be towards fans and supporters.

Tackling climate change is a goal for everyone, not just world and industry leaders, but the better start these people create the more people will follow.