Wondrwall to Deliver Energy Saving Heat Pump Solution
Wondrwall Group has partnered with leading heat pump manufacturer, Daikin, to develop an energy-efficient Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) heating solution. Housing Industry Leaders looks at how this plans to support the decarbonisation of the housing sector.

The ClimateTech company, Wondrwall Group have established itself as one of the UK’s leading technology companies supporting the housing and construction sector to create intelligent homes.

Analysing an average of 20,000 data points for each home every day, the AI-powered Home Energy Management System plots the optimal performance of the home to maximise energy efficiencies, reduce carbon emissions and ultimately cost to the homeowner.

Innovative Clean Energy Technologies Need To Be Accelerated

Daikin provides products and total climate solutions to create comfortable and sustainable interior environments. Partnering with Wondrwall, the company will explore the potential for AI-powered controls for its ASHP solutions.

BEIS has supported Wondrwall to deliver one of a series of 24 projects that have been awarded funding under Stream 2 of the Heat Pump Ready Programme (HPR).

The programme forms part of BEIS’s £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP), which aims to accelerate the commercialisation of innovative clean energy technologies and processes through the 2020s and 2030s.

Heat pumps will be essential to the UK reaching its net zero targets and the HPR will support the development of innovative solutions across the heat pump sector.

Heat Pump Technology Offers A Highly Efficient Electric Heating Solution

Wondrwall Group Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Burton, said: “We view the Heat Pump Ready Programme Stream 2 and the partnership with Daikin to be a significant step forward.

“Not just for Wondrwall but for the housing sector as a whole and our drive to decarbonise domestic heating. Everyone knows that heat pump technology offers a highly efficient electric heating solution and is a relatively straightforward alternative to standard gas heating systems.

“At Wondrwall, we’ve always been concerned about the financial impact of heat pumps on the end user. Poorly designed systems can easily result in higher energy bills.”

I’m positive that together, Daikin and Wondrwall, can develop the next generation of energy-efficient heat pump controls based on habitational data and environmental factors.

The Development Of Technology Will Be Supported

Steam 2 of the HPR Programme, Developing Tools and Technology will support the development of tools, technology, and processes to overcome specific barriers to domestic heat pump deployment in the UK.

Extended over three phases (beta trials, validation, and commercial launch), the project has defined three key objectives. The first is extending the function/performance of Wondrwall’s predictive models to compensate for slower response times of heat pumps and optimise the management of combined space and water heating.

Algorithm training to capture subjective feedback of end-users is the second, and the third is the development of an optimised demand-side heat pump control strategy (grid balancing, heat pump tariffs etc).

Developing this energy-efficient ASHP heating solution with Daikin, Wondrwall Group will help to decarbonise the housing sector.