Low Carbon Modular Homes to be Delivered in Blackburn
A Blackburn housing association has partnered with a modular house builder to deliver 41 energy efficient homes in Shadsworth.


Together Housing, who have a portfolio of 37,000 homes, have teamed up with TopHat in their first modular housing scheme.

Through their collaboration, the house builder will deliver an initial 10 timber-framed modular homes, with the remaining 31 to be delivered during the scheme’s second phase.

The site in Shadsworth, which has been granted full planning permission by Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, will see on-site contractors laying the normal groundwork, while the actual housebuilding is completed off-site.

Under their ‘supply and install’ agreement, TopHat will utilise production lines in their manufacturing facility in Derby to build the homes, which, once complete, will be transported to the site and installed within hours.

Andrew Shepherd, managing director at TopHat, said:

TopHat’s strategic partnership with Together Housing will quickly ramp up the delivery of highly energy-efficient homes for members of society that are most exposed to the cost-of-living crisis.

“TopHat and Together Housing are kindred spirits, having both committed whole-heartedly to decarbonising housing and building high-quality homes. We look forward to delivering this initial scheme for the people of Blackburn.”

Every home delivered will be net zero carbon

With sustainability high on the agenda for both partners in the scheme, the homes delivered will be constructed using ‘exceptional’ building fabric and feature sustainable technologies such as solar panels and battery storage.

Delivering energy efficient homes will therefore reduce their carbon footprint as well as lowering energy bills for the resident.

All of the homes to be delivered by TopHat are expected to be net zero carbon, and have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of ‘A’.

This venture into providing sustainable housing is the latest in Together Housing’s efforts to be more climate friendly, having previously won a national award for their work in replacing 183 gas boilers with ground source heat pumps through their Daisyfield Towers scheme in Blackburn.

Furthermore, Together Housing Group plan on spending £120 million on green energy projects across its 37,000 homes, and have already completed more than 3,000 renewable energy projects. The Group also aims to halve its operational carbon impact by 2030.

Caroline Grosvenor, group director for place-shaping at Together Housing, said: “Delivering high-quality new homes on our estates with minimal disruption to our residents is an essential element of our place-shaping programme.

“The progressive modular methods used by TopHat contribute to our ambition to deliver new homes with minimal carbon impact, providing renewable energy for the household, and lead the way in creating greener social housing.

“We are thrilled to see this partnership develop as we continue to invest in our local communities.”

Modular homes are less disruptive for locals

Together Housing have also pointed out the other benefits of their partnership with TopHat and modular housebuilding practices.

Acknowledging the usual disruption of building homes, including noise levels, messiness, and the length of time it takes, the housing association have reassured locals that this scheme will reduce these factors.

The absence of lorries in the area, noise disruption for those working from homes, contractors on site for hours, and interruptions due to weather conditions, were some of the benefits of modular house building cited by Together Housing.

TopHat are due to commence the installation process of the initial 10 homes in March 2024.