Modular Homes to Save Bristol Residents Thousands
Legal & General Modular Homes (LGMH) and Bristol City Council have launched a new housing development that will provide 185 sustainable homes to North Bristol. Housing Industry Leaders investigates how this development is said to save residents thousands of pounds.

Designed for maximum energy efficiency, the homes in Bristol will be EPC A-rated and are said to be 62 per cent cheaper to run than a traditional new-build home.

Legal & General have revealed that this means Bristol residents at this scheme could save up to £1788 a year in energy bills.

Every new modular home will include solar panels, helping to reduce future residents’ carbon footprint and fuel bills, and air source heat pumps.

Modular Homes Are Accelerating Affordable And Energy-Efficient Housing

Modules used to construct the homes were manufactured at LGMH’s factory in Selby, resulting in exceptional levels of thermal efficiency. This off-site construction means that the homes have been built more quickly and with less waste compared to traditional building methods.

Legal & General Group CEO, Sir Nigel Wilson: “Across the UK, we need a housebuilding revolution so that homes can be produced sustainably and at a speed which meets local needs.

“Modular construction is that revolution: helping to accelerate the creation and delivery of high-quality, affordable, energy-efficient housing.

“Featuring our first net-zero regulated carbon homes to be delivered, this modular neighbourhood in Bonnington is an exemplar of the future of housebuilding.”

– supporting Bristol residents to save thousands of pounds a year in energy bills, whilst making a positive impact on both housing creation and the transition towards a low-carbon economy.

It has been explained by Legal & General that residents will see improvements such as cycle paths, by-ways and walking routes, neighbourhood family play areas, and many public transport options.

Comprising both houses and apartments, 51 per cent will be affordable homes, a mixture of social rent and shared ownership with the remainder being available for purchase.

One of the biggest social housing and care providers in England, GreenSquareAccord will be delivering 93 of the homes in partnership. Of those 93 homes, 55 are earmarked for social rent and another 38 for shared ownership.

It Is Crucial That Houses That Are Cheaper To Heat Are Built

The development has been designed to increase the variety of plant and animal life previously found on the site, achieving a four per cent positive biodiversity net gain.

Legal & General have said that new trees are being planted as part of the development and the existing wildlife corridor, community orchard, and Site of National Conservation Interest along the western boundary are protected and enhanced to create new habitats and increase biodiversity.

Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees: “We face the double issue of needing to build affordable housing for people in the city, while also doing what we can to tackle the climate emergency.

“For this reason, I am delighted to visit this new development, which combines affordability with sustainability. And with the current cost of living crisis, it is vital to be building houses that are cheaper to heat and save people money on their energy bills.

“The development will also include the planting of new trees and enhancements to the local conservation area, making sure that nature does not suffer in order for new homes to be built.

“We helped to bring this scheme forward, and we made sure the local community were consulted as part of the development process.”

Lockleaze is undergoing a real transformation at the moment, and our Local Lettings Policy will make sure these new houses are benefitting local people.

Now, Legal & General Modular Homes has a growing pipeline of 1200 homes, with sites in Selby, North Horsham, Warminster, two sites in Kent: Littlestone and Broadstairs, as well as this scheme in Bristol.

Homes Must Be Built With The Future In Mind

Rosie Toogood, CEO of Legal & General Modular Homes: “I am delighted with what we and Bristol City Council have achieved here at Bonnington: these are homes of the future. Our partnership has delivered energy-efficient homes that will make customers feel safe, comfortable, and proud of where they live.

“The ongoing cost-of-living and energy crises remind us of the role we play in revolutionising the housing industry using 21st-century technologies to provide some of the most energy-efficient homes available on the market ensuring our customers don’t need to worry about their energy bills.”

In collaboration with Bristol City Council, the Bonnington Walk scheme has been brought forward as part of the Bristol Housing Festival. It represents an important new development in Bristol where Legal & General already have a significant interest through a £240 million stake in the regeneration of Temple Quarter, a Build to Rent redevelopment and a major mixed-use scheme on Temple Island.

Together with Bonnington Walk, Legal & General have expressed that these schemes provide a springboard for a long-term partnership with Bristol City Council, helping to meet the Mayor’s ambition for the annual delivery of 2,000 new homes. This includes 1000 affordable homes by 2024.