The Customer Portal Boosting Tenant Digital Engagement
Bield Housing and Care has officially launched an online customer portal which is set to improve access to a range of services and encourage independent living.

As part of an ongoing commitment to digital transformation, the housing provider worked with several tenants to test a new online customer portal.

Tenants involved in the trial were tasked with testing the quality and usability of the software using laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

The group also considered the functionality, design, and general use of the portal with their feedback helping to inform the final product.

Testing of the portal ensured that it was accessible to all tenants 

Following a soft launch at the end of 2023, over 170 tenants have already registered on My Bield.

Zhan McIntyre, Head of Policy and Customer Standards at Bield, said: “Technology is essential to the future of housing services and we need to ensure our interaction with customers meets their needs and expectations as we take our services to the next level.

“Getting tenants involved in the testing of the My Bield portal allowed us to find out exactly what they wanted to get out of the platform while making sure it was accessible and easy to use.”

To ensure that everyone is given the choice, staff will continue to be contactable through more traditional methods for tenants who do not want to transfer to the digital option.

Boosting digital engagement is essential to supporting independent living 

The My Bield portal forms part of Bield’s strategy to enhance customer experience and diversify methods of engagement with customers.

Tracey Howatt, Director of Customer Experience at Bield, explained: “Developing our digital services is extremely important as we strive to continue improving the quality of housing and ultimately deliver better outcomes.”

The new portal will enable tenants to live more independently and continue to make important decisions regarding their tenancies.

In November 2023, Bield was awarded the ‘Excellence in Digital Engagement’ award at the 2023 TIS National Excellence Awards.

Developing meaningful digital engagement opportunities is crucial in ensuring that housing providers can provide their tenants with the needed help and support that they need.