Energy-saving Innovations to be Used in Cambridgeshire Housing
Energy-saving homes have been delivered to a new residential development of 46 houses in the Cambridgeshire village of Witchford. Housing Industry Leaders looks at how the homes are providing residents with more control over their energy costs.

As part of Stonewater’s partnering with organisations that share its sustainability aims, each of the new properties will benefit from energy-saving features such as solar panels, insulated wall panels and floor systems, energy-efficient roof design, double-glazed windows, mechanical ventilation, and smart controls.

Not only do these innovations reduce energy demand by up to 70 per cent compared to traditional homes, but they also achieve an EPC A rating which means lower bills for residents.

The collaboration will utilise sustainable methods of construction

Chris Montague, Stonewater’s Development Director (East & North) said that to ensure that the housing the social housing provider developments focus on sustainability, it is essential that energy-efficient measures are used.

He said: “Wherever possible we are using modern, sustainable methods of construction, and it was great to witness these energy-saving homes being put together in such an efficient way.”

Continuing, Chris explained that seen as the cost of energy has risen significantly recently, giving residents the opportunity to control their energy costs is needed: “These homes will not only provide residents with a well-insulated, warm, and low-maintenance home, but they will also give them more control over managing their energy costs, something that will make a huge difference to our customers.”

We have built up a strong working relationship with WElink throughout this innovative project and we are looking forward to working closely with the team in the future.

The homes will offer a sense of community to locals

The homes are precision engineered at WElink’s factory and delivered in sections, resulting in less waste, resource and people management, and a much quicker process, with the superstructure put in place and weatherproof in as little as one day.

It also means that external factors such as bad weather will not cause much delay, with the homes produced in a factory setting rather than outdoors.

By Welink Homes, the homes being developed at Woodlands Chase in Main Street include 14 two and three-bedroom properties for affordable rent and shared ownership with Stonewater.

Andy Mace, Director at Macegreen Consulting, expressed that this project reflects how affordable housing is needed in order to create communities: “We are delighted to have been involved in this project with Stonewater which demonstrates the social housing provider’s commitment to delivering energy-efficient high-quality homes featuring innovative delivery solutions.

“We work with Stonewater nationally and this development is yet another example of its desire to provide affordable homes in both rural and urban settings which offer a sense of community, not just a place to live.”

Stonewater’s affordable homes, set in this rural village boasting a shop, post office, two churches, village hall, recreation ground and primary school, will include parking and rear gardens.